Food that’s as fun to get as it is delicious.

Price Dinner Club is a family-owned meal delivery and kitchen management company in Lexington, Ky. Our company is an extension of everything we love about living in fellowship, surrounded by food and drink.

We have always been passionate about food because of people. We love the memory association around great food, drinks, and the company of those you adore.

Food and drink are major contributions to any community, and to us, nothing is better.

We offer secure and on-demand food delivery through our new pickup location. We offer everything from Grab & Go foods, Family Style Meals, Indulgences, and Treats. We do this to provide the ease and convenience of the food you love and need, with the nostalgia of family-style food and an intuitive menu, providing food you want.

Our concept is simple because good food is honestly simple.

We love to offer food that is easy, fast, fresh, and affordable. Great food doesn’t need to be pretentious. We love serving what people like and enjoy while adding our unique style and taste, married with the sensibility of desire.

It’s been our privilege to serve friends and be a part of their memories throughout the years. We consider each of you a part of our family! As we open up our food to new people through pickup locations, we look forward to welcoming each of you to our family as well.

Mike, Donna, and Matthew

Matthew M Price

All your favorite PDC recipes, now at home.

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